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About us

The people at Exclusive aluminum gateworks know everything about aluminum fencing systems. We are happy to share that knowledge with you. Our biggest challenge is to see how we can technically realize your beautiful design. So the initial design our people help you create your dream gate. In the end fencing does determine the appearance of a house!

Our production method allows us to offer our clients a huge freedom of form. We work with molds, with which we can make customized aluminum profiles for large projects. In this way Exclusive Aluminum Gates can produce kilometers of fencing in totally different styles for one project. And that with the advantages that aluminum has over steel, which is that aluminum does not rust. In the longer term, that means less maintenance for you.

Our mission

We strive to meet our clients' needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our work is made with passion and we are always proud of our creations.


Custom Design

All the gates that are made by us are unique. Clients have the opportunity\option to help and create with the design of their gate. In that way every client will get a gate that suits their wishes best. Whether you want a simple design or a more complex design with different shapes and decoration. A gate with lights or a gate that opens manually. Everything is possible!

More than just gates

We do not only make aluminum gates. We also offer other aluminum products. For example, aluminum furniture, stairs and stair railings. We also provide stairs and railing for boats.

If you need something made from aluminum that we haven’t mentioned. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

stainless steel

We also offer products made of stainless steel. For if rather have your gate, stair railing or boat railing in stainless steel.


Great prices, Toon was great! Great quality products as well. Our new gate looks great. Would definitely recommend! Written by: Ashanti

Dropped in for a visit today and recieved a great consultation. Recommended by a friend who had a similair experience. Our project was done very professionally. Written by: Dennis

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